The Way with Anoa

The Way with Anoa is about forward moving dialogue with good people about good work. Anoa covers news, politics, and current events. She throws in a little pop culture to mix it up!

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    Joe Biden and Crime Bill Context with Brian Sonenstein

    On this episode, Anoa is joined by Brian Sonenstein of Shadowproof and the Beyond Prisons podcast. Brian and Anoa discuss Joe Biden's roll out, and the calls for "context" around his support for the 1994 Crime Bill.

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    Electoral Politics, Accountability and Justice with Jessica Byrd

    On this episode, Anoa opens with a reflection on the recent Youth Town halls on CNN and some highlights of the candidates responses. She next shifts to a conversation with Jessica Byrd founder of Three Point Strategies ahead of the She The People 2020 Presidential forum in Houston, TX. Jessica digs in on issues of electoral justice and accountability as well as what does it mean to build intentionally with movement.

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    Healthcare Organizing and #MedicareforAll with Guest Tim Faust

    Anoa opens with a few words about the onslaught of total abortion bans hitting state legislatures in the South East. The rest of the episode is a great chat with Tim Faust to talk about Healthcare organizing and Representative Pramila Jayapal's Medicare for All Bill.

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    Talking Pan Africanism, Economic Anxeity, and Building Better Discourse with Dr. Jared Ball and Malaika Jabali

    On this episode, Anoa first chats with Dr. Jared Ball host of iMixWhatiLike about Pan Africanism and their differing views on Bernie Sander's response to whether he supports reparations. In the second half, Anoa and Malaika Jabali explore the Color of Economic Anxiety and how fighting for universal programs is only a step in the fight for racial justice and equity.

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    Being Bold BIPOC Women and Dismantling White Supremacy

    Anoa chats with activist Saira Rao about her latest article, "When Being an Opponent of White Supremacy Means Being Not Nice". Anoa chats with activist Saira Rao about her latest article, "When Being an Opponent of White Supremacy Means Being Not Nice". Very timely conversation in light of the ongoing attacks on Representative Ilhan Omar.In the second half of the episode Anoa and Tracey Corder take a group through what is white supremacy and what does dismantling it in our spaces look like.

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    Kamala Harris, Progressive Prosecutors, and #Roe46

    On this episode, Anoa talks with Professor Bazelon about Senator Kamala Harris and her record as a DA and California Attorney General. In the second segment, in recognition of Roe V. Wade turning 46 Anoa highlights a previous interview with the host of the Podcast Choice/Less about parental notification laws and more.

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    Does Representation Matter? Kamala Harris and Critiques on Purposeful Distortion

    On this episode, Anoa sits down with Wendi Muse host of the Left POCekt Project. The two discuss whether representation matters and other concepts which are commonly distorted in general political discourse. Anoa and Wendi also dive into "blackness" and who gets to be Black in America in light of recent comments concerning Senator Kamala Harris' background. There are legitimate critiques of Senator Harris without feeding into anti-immigrant sentiments.

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